Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I NEED your Help with my Laundry Room

When I comb over Pinterest, I always see beautiful laundry rooms.
Like this...

I have always wanted a pretty laundry room.
No idea why really...
all I do is laundry in there.

But, I just want a cute space to do the laundry in, I guess.'s what I have now....

It's in the back part of our basement.
With bad lighting.

Granted, these pictures were taken after I started cleaning up.
It normally looks a little better then this. 

I've got concrete walls on one side, the back side of a wood wall on the other.
There are attempts at organization...shelves and bins. But no real system.

This room has become a catch-all room.
See that steam cleaner in the middle of the room.
It's broke. 
Been sitting in that same spot for about two years. 
I know, I know. 

We have the space to make a really cute room here.
Lack of money to do something too fancy holds us back a bit.

I'd love to hear some cost effective ideas from readers on what YOU would do with this room?

But the way...I wore gloves to clean this room.
Gross. It's dirty and dusty in here.

This is my helper Midget. He would love a much nice room for him too!

Here are some pictures of the room after I was finished cleaning...

Share your ideas below.


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  2. Hi. I understand what you are talking about. I still have a tiny laundry room, but it is kind of cute now. In my previous home though, it was in a basement that looked a lot like that. I never did get around to doing anything about it, BUT if it were me, Here is what I would do. Sheet rock and walls may be more than you are up for right now. I would take either pvc pipe or even metal pipe and using brackets, hang it from the ceiling. I would go looking for the cheapest fabric you can muslin by the yard or even some discount store curtains or even sheets on discount somewhere. Then I would make sure they were long enough to reach the floor, but if you get premade curtains and they are too short, sew on a band of dark (say gray or black) at the bottom so they touch the floor and hide the stuff behind them. I would probably get some really cool large stamp or create one of your own or even a huge stencil and paint blocks of patterns on some of the sheets to provide some interest. Then I would paint the ceiling rafters white. You could still use your metal wracks and just paint them to match OR you could watch for some garage sale cabinet (even pressed wood will work) and paint it to contrast your walls. Lastly, find a table for your folding. Use baskets to organize. And paint the floor in a huge and white checkered or white with stenciled pattern on it...cover it with a protective coat of sealant. Happy redoing.


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