Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Why I Love Pottery Barn Kids

I know I'm way behind the game here - but I've only recently discovered the beauty of Pottery Barn Kids. I love to go in that store and browse around and touch everything. This is seriously some of the cutest stuff. Ever. My kids love going there too, I know they are imaging what they'd like their rooms to look like!

Here are some freaking adorable things I found on my trip today:

Bathroom supplies. I love these!!! These will go on my 'create' list for sure! I'm thinking some el-cheapo bathroom containers and a cricket!

These felt envelopes are too cute! I can imagine putting little treats each day for the boys to discover.
(See the plates on the table??? I bought Ashton and Colton each a plate for Valentines Day - I couldn't resist how cute they were!) Again...going on my create list!

I love the look of these valentines! The teachers badge is too adorable. Pottery Barn Kids had a really cute selection of vintage-looking valentines.

Love this mobile. It's made out of paper, so I think would be super easy to recreate!

I love anything Dr Seuss!! I'm not having any more kids - but I would have LOVE to had run into this a few years ago!!! I would sleep on those sheets!

Since I discovered Pottery Barn Kids, I'm in there at least once a week. Seriously. It's become a problem. I just can't get over how cute everything is!

What new (to you) stores have you recently discovered?

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