Friday, January 30, 2015

6 Fun Valentines Day Crafts For Boys

Valentines Day is right around the corner! And if you have a house full of boys like I do, you know that making them sit down long enough to finish a fun craft can sometimes be difficult!!
I've compiled a list that I know my boys will love and I'm hoping yours will too!
Enjoy and Happy Valentines Day!!


Kool-Aid Printable Tag - Printables make such an easy craft for boys. Cutting out the takes is great hand-eye coordination practice as well as trying the ribbons. That makes this craft perfect for boys of all ages. And, it takes just enough time that they shouldn't be the least bit bored before it's over with!

Yoda Best Valentine - Again with the printables! And my boys are crazy about Star Wars...and glow this is perfect for them! Another great way for boys to practice their cutting skills along with writing.'s super adorable!!

Layered M&Ms in a Jar - Such a simple idea, layering colors of M&Ms in a jar!  Have your boys separate out all of the M&Ms by color and then carefully layer them in the jar. You can add that as a bonus, they'll be able to eat some of them too! I think eating M&Ms is something every boy would help out with!!

I'm Crazy in Love With You - I'm crazy in love with these drawings!! This is a great messy activity for boys!! Just make sure and cover your table first to save yourself from too much clean-up afterwards!

Soap Bubble Art - This is a Valentines Day art project that is perfect for any boy! They get to create something fun and pretty as a Valentines Day gift for someone special and they get to make a mess doing it!
Conversation Heart Picture Frame - This goes along with the M&Ms mason jar craft, they boys will have a fun time painting the frames and gluing the candies down -- and I'm sure they'll sneak a few too!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Fun & Easy Science Fair Experiement

As a kid, I loved science. I remember if I asked my dad about something science related, we would often dive full force into it - searching for answers. My dad was not a science person by any means but he loved learning and wanted me to have that same love. My love of learning has certainly been passed onto my kids. Both are smart boys who love asking questions and discovering those answers.

When my son and I heard about the schools upcoming science fair, we started searching through Pinterest for some ideas. {Click here to find all the science projects we found.} The one that really caught his eye was "Rethink Your Drink" or discovering how much sugar is in the drinks we enjoy (and he thought it was be great to be able to drink all of those drinks afterwards!) We decided on a twist to that and wanted to discover how much sugar was in candy bars (of course, still fun to eat afterwards!)

Ashton picked out the candy bars he wanted to use and to make a guess as to which candy bar had the most sugar. Then he went about collecting data from each of them:
Serving Size
Grams of Sugar

Once he figured out how many grams were in a teaspoon and did the math to figure out how much was in each bar, he started putting the exact amounts into some plastic containers and labeled each one accordingly.

After he wrote out all of his data and other information collected mounted it up on his poster board. We found a post from Hand Made Kids Art that really helped us being able to organize the board and make sure he collected all of the necessary information.

Looking back to when I was a child, when dad and I did science projects for school I'm sure anyone looking could tell that I obviously had not wrote out much of anything. While I remember pouring over encyclopedias (remember those??) And doing the research. I remember him doing most of the work on the poster itself. I remember kind of sitting back and him working the poster just right - so it looked good perfect (Type A parent for sure!!) I really try to not be that parent. It's not easy by any means....sloppy handwriting can drive me over the edge sometimes....but for the most part - I let him do all the work. In the end, it doesn't look perfect...but it looks perfect for him. And, really, that's all that matters.

And that he learned something. And had fun doing it. I think his favorite part was being able to present the project to his class and teach others.

Thanks so much for stopping by today! Make sure and visit me on Facebook and Pinterest for more fun science fair ideas.

Monday, January 26, 2015

I'm Back! (And a $10 Paypal Cash Giveaway)

Life got busy and crazy and I've been MIA from this blog for awhile now. But I'm back! I'm going to be cooking through a couple of family cookbooks - and I cannot wait to share of the delicious recipes with you!!!

I am really excited to share with you my Grandma's "Chicken and Dough" which is a family favorite - and has been for generations!!! I'll also share some no-fail recipes from one of the best cooks I know (my great aunt!)
I've also got some guest posts coming up!!! My new friend, Jessica, loves fashion and has started her own high-end online consignment store! She's going to start contributing for me!! I am so excited!
I'm also going to focus on what I need - help with parenting! I've started a series called "30 Days of Teaching Boys to Be Kind" - I am ready to see what is revealed to me also through writing and sharing this series!
And finally, I'm going to get my butt in gear and get back in shape....for good!
I want you to come on that journey with me!!
I am so happy that you're here. Make sure and follow me on Facebook or Bloglovin for my updates!!
As a THANK YOU for hanging out with me, I'm giving away $10 in Paypal cash!

Thanks again - and good luck!

30 Days of Teaching Boys to Be Kind

Boys are rough and tumble.
Boys are dirty and sometimes smelly.
They're loud and sweet and sticky.

I watch my boys play and see them wrestle with each other and love on each other...and sometimes hate on each other. I know that all of this is pretty normal. But when I really started paying attention to how they are treating each other when they are "hating" each other, I quickly realized that it was not normal.

Wrestling sometimes turns too rough. Hands hit, words get sharp. These sharp words, each time they get mad or frustrated with each other were really starting to bother me. I hate having to constantly remind them of using "nice words".  To be kind to each other.

I thought that maybe my boys....or just boys in general....might have a hard time knowing how to be kind to each other. Do they know how to say kind words to each other without hitting? Is there a way for my son to say "I love you" without wrestling his brother to the ground?

While boys will always be rough and tumble...and they should be. We as parents can also teach them to be kind loving boys - which will translate to manhood. To teach them to be caring men, fathers, and husbands.
I decided to challenge my boys to 30 days of kindness. Each day doing something for each other, us as their parents or to a complete show kindness. And to not expect anything in return.


How would this change them? How would this change the relationship between brothers? Of course there will always be disagreements and times when you don't like each other...but would "learning to be kind" change how they act during those times?        

For this challenge, I printed out 30 cards for them. I wrote things they could do to show kindness and love for each other...
- Help your brother pick up his room during chores
- Ask your brother how his day was.
- Tell your brother how proud you are of him
We'll also be spending each night of the next 30 days reading through our bibles, searching for verses about being kind and loving those around us. Here is the first list that we'll be working with: Knowing Jesus

Below you'll find a free printable of the set of cards. Sit down with your kids (of course, this is perfect for both boys and girls) and have them come up with a few things that they can do for each other to show love and kindness.  Make sure and come back next week for an update and the next set of cards.


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

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