Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Best Game - Scavenger Hunt for Kids by University Games

First of all, this is not a paid or sponsored post! I bought this game - Scavenger Hunt for Kids as a Christmas gift for my boys. We always try to do something fun as a family on Sunday nights and decided to try out our new game.


 This is seriously the best game ever.

The object of the game is to find things around your house within a certain time frame. For example...tonight, one card said "Something that begins with the letter M". Ashton and I grabbed a Mug...while Chris and Colton got a Marble. When the card said to grab a picture of a bald person - I grabbed a picture of my dad, Chris grabbed an old picture of Ashton as a baby! 

All four of us were running around the house screaming and laughing. Chris and I were completely out of breath after the game was over....and the kids kept asking to play again!

The game is made for ages six and over, so since Colton is only 3 - we decided to play teams and it was still a blast. We cannot wait to play this game again!

And, we both said this game would be a riot as a couples game. Men versus women and a person that lives in the house on each team. I'll be planning one of those nights soon!

I found this game at a local independent toy store here in town, you can find it on Amazon or check out other locations here

Again, completely not sponsored at all....just letting you know that if you want a seriously fun game that involves the whole family - check out Scavenger Hunt!


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