Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentines Day with Boys

Last night, we finally sat down with our third grader and started to get his Valentines Day stuff together. You know...mailbox thing and the little Valentines Day card.

I was so excited.

I had pinned a few ideas for mailboxes for him. I had all the supplies needed to make any kind of box he wanted. My creative juices were flowing.

But I forgot "the game" was on.


What I thought in my head would be like when I was little...sitting at the table with my mom, finding the perfect valentine to give to each classmate. I remember picking out the lovey-dovey ones to give to the boys that I liked and making sure the perfect matches were made for my friends. The mailbox was a big deal too. My dad would get involved in the planning and it always ended up being something way beyond my creative mind at the time. (thanks mom and dad)

I loved Valentines Day class parties. My mom would always get heart shaped cookies and have each kids name wrote on these huge cookies.

I have really fond memories of the Valentines Days for my childhood.

But maybe Valentines Day is just a girl thing....

Because my son was not interested. At all.

KU was playing and they've been on a three game losing streak and were playing K-State and it was all a very big deal.

Don't get me wrong...I love KU Basketball as much as the next person. But it was time to get into Valentines Day mode.

I could barely make him pay attention enough to write him name. Let alone look over everything I pinned for him.

picture sources - robot / basketball hoop / R2D2

I was excited for my son to be able to pick out the perfect Valentine for the girl in his class that he's got a crush on. But...nope...they don't even write names on them anymore! Just who the card is from. Teachers said it takes too long the other way.

This makes me a little sad.

---Yes, I know, I'm making this all about me.---

But all was not lost. He finished writing his Valentines and ended up with a pretty cool looking mail box after all.

Of course, his box is all about basketball...but I loved that he loves it. 

My big surprise of the night? 

No, not that K-State lost....that was a given.

It was that my son asked if he could get his friend, Maddy, a flower for Valentines Day.

Melt My Heart!

He might be a romantic after all!

As long as no basketball games are playing. 

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