Monday, April 29, 2013

Pictures From The Farm

The family took a little camping trip this weekend.
We camped in my Grandma's back yard.
I love my Grandparents house, so I went for a walk with my camera.

She lives on a farm in northwestern Iowa.
This farm has been in my Grandpa's family for over 150 years.
There is a lot of family history here.

My Grandpa and his Grandpa were both raised here.
My mom and her three sisters were raised in this house.
The whole family spends every Christmas here.

There are three "barns" on the property
We all know their names
The "cat barn", the barn and the Quonset
There use to be the chicken coop barn, 
but it was torn down years ago

All over are signs of my mom and her sisters growing up here
Their names are written in concrete all over
I remember making "rivers" with the water pump 
And following it as far as we could into the corn field

This house really belongs to us all. 
I figure if you can go inside, even if Grandma's not home.
And you know where the key is hidden
And you can grab whatever tool you need from the garage
or a pop from the fridge
or your kids always know that the fruit snacks are hid on the stairs leading to the attic
Then it really is everyones house.

My Grandpa was a farmer his whole life
So was his dad
His Grandpa leased out the land and owned a Cadillac dealership.
My mom and her three sisters were typical farm kids in a small town.
By the time I was born, Grandpa had retired from farming
And started his own mowing business out of boredom.
He passed away about seven years ago, and she misses him terribly.

I really love my Grandparents property.
I hope you enjoyed the pictures