Thursday, May 30, 2013

Chocolate Chip Refrigerator Cake

It'd say it's about time to start a bbq!

(Note...the pictures in this post are not great, I literally had to hurry and get this cake done to get over to our friends house!)

We love getting together with friends for cookouts.
One of our best friend-couples is Eric and Xiaolei (prounouced Shee-lay)....most of our get togethers with them are 100% last minute.

Like...calling to say we're in the driveway, want to cook out tonight?

Last weekend was no different.
Last minute cook out.

I was in the mood for something sweet, so decided to figure out a quick dessert to bring.

Searching through my Pinterest boards, I found this cake from Martha Stewart.
Only, I didn't have fresh baked cookies or any time to waste.

So, I made my own version....

I ran to the Dollar Tree and got two packages of chocolate chip cookies, a Hershey's chocolate bar and was lucky enough to find two cans of Wilton's spray frosting.

Start with your base layer. Make sure all the cookies on the bottom are attached to the plate.
Otherwise your whole cake will slip and slide!

Start building your layers. 
The more frosting, the better.
You can never really have too much! 

Stack your cake as high as you like
Or until you run out of cookies

Make some big swirls of frosting right in the middle of the cake.

And fill in any large gaps all around your cake. 
I like the over-flowing look of frosting!

It helps to store your Hershey's bar in the fridge while your making the rest of your cake.
Makes it easier to shave.

Using a cheese grader, make shavings of the chocolate bar.
Break up a few of the bars to decorate the top too, if you like. 

Then, your cake will go in the fridge for an hour. 
Then you can cute it with a knife, just like a regular cake!

It was so good! 
A little messy, but worth it!

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  1. That is definitely kid friendly. All the ingredients are awesome, so I'd imagine they'd taste great together! Gotta try it. Thanks!