Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Drink Your Vitamins with EcoDrink

About a month ago, while shopping at Sam's Club I came across a demo of EcoDrinks.
After hearing that I could get pretty much all of my daily vitamins in a simple drink each morning, I was really interested!

While I'm not good at remembering to take a pill each morning, I always get a drink when I wake up.
That's why I thought EcoDrink would be the perfect choice for me. 

They sell for just under $20 at Sam's Club and Costco and come with a sports bottle (that's BPA free) and 30 packets of drink mix (orange and strawberry).
 It works out nicely for Chris and I - he only likes the strawberry and I only like the orange! 
We've been drinking one each morning and both have been feeling great!

I've lost a little bit of weight - but more then that...I feel great throughout the day!
I'm more energetic and my hair and skin look great!

Here's more info from EcoDrink:
  1. • 5x More Powerful Than Leading Vitamin Water Brands
  2. • 3x More Electrolytes Than Leading Sports Drinks
  3. • 5x More Antioxidants Than Leading Immune Boosting Drinks
  4. • No Calories, No Sugar, No Sodium, No Carbs!
  5. • Reusable Eco-Friendly, BPA Free Bottle Included

Since they currently don't sell the drink mixes only, each time you buy your packets - you also get another sports bottle. After awhile, you could end up with a ton of these!
Except for EcoDrink lets you exchange your bottles for more mix!
I love that!

If you want to try a sample of EcoDrink yourself, call 1-866-599-7022 and just ask!

(This is not a sponsored post...I really buy EcoDrink at Sam's Club and use it daily...and really do love it!)

Thanks so much for stopping by!


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