Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Top 10 Ways to Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer

Summer is finally here!
I'm so excited to have a few months alone with my boys...
no more waking up early for school
no more homework
late nights
and all around fun!

Here are some ways to keep your family active all summer long!

#1 - Bubbles! My kids (even the 9 year old) love bubbles....the bigger the better. I love this idea of having a bubble refill jar! The next time I see an old tea jar at a garage sale, it's mine! {La-La's Home Daycare}

#2 - Fun Bible Games - this is a great activity to have the boys do while I'm making lunch. Something they can sit at the table and do....and (hopefully) work together as a team - and learn at the same time! {When You Rise}

#3 - Summer Reading Star. This is a great idea and a great motivator for kids that either don't enjoy reading very much or find reading kind of difficult (like my oldest). {How Does She?} I'm also going to set up a day each week to take the boys to the library to check out books. You can also sign your kids up with Barnes and Noble or Half Price Books Kids Summer Reading Clubs for more rewards! 

#4 - Summer Bucket List - I like this because it can be tailored to fit your family...and even add a few things that are a bit out of the box! {This Homemade Life}

#5 - Adventure Book. I usually like to make a scrapbook each summer of all the activities we did and vacations we took. This is a great way for the kids to remember what they did. {Crazy Little Projects}

#6 - Summer Schedule. Love this idea. I'll have to make one that fits our town because Tuesday will be free movie day and Thursdays are story-tellers day. But, my kids will love knowing what we're doing each day! {Remarkable Home}

#7 - Zoo Passports. We live in Omaha, NE and have an amazing zoo right here (Henry Doorly Zoo). We also have a zoo membership, so we go to the zoo alot. This would be a neat idea for them to seek out different animals and write down one or two facts about each animal. {We Wilsons}

#8 - Making Kid Friendly Food Together. On my weekly summer schedule with the boys, I'm going to have a cooking day. This is a great way to make my kids eat food they wouldn't normally eat! {My Pinterest Board and Mom on Timeout}

These last two, I'm really excited about!!!

#9 - Building the kids a fort. We're going to try and do the whole fort for free - using found materials on Craigslist! {This Old House}

#10 - Outdoor Play Area - Colton (our youngest) would love this! He loves playing in the dirt. {Lowe's}

I'm ready to get started now!
What projects do you have lined up this summer to keep the kids busy?

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  1. Love all these ideas! I'm taking notes, I need these this summer with my 4 year old!