Sunday, June 9, 2013

Phew....that was a long week!

Last week I didn't post at all.
I was completely worn out from helping out at Vacation Bible School.
Or VBX as it's called at our church
(Vacation Bible Experience)

The kids had a blast!
it's a week long and full of fun things for the kids

Crafts, food, science, and of course learning about the Bible and God.
They also do some out-of-the box stuff for Vacation Bible School..
like live concerts!

Mission Six was there all week playing for the kids, signing autographs, going out to eat at Dairy Queen with them! These boys are super cute...and so nice! Check me out on Instagram for a concert picture of Mission Six!

You can watch a video of Day One from VBX on Vimeo - they had over 950 kids attend this year!!! 
It was huge! 
So much fun.

VBX also raises money each year for different organizations they support. This year the money raised went to orphans in Africa. Their goal was to raise $15,000...and in a week they raised over $17,000! I'm happy to say my kids and the neighbor kids all helped out and had a little lemonade stand.

Selling lemonade and koolaid for $0.50 a glass, they were able to raise $40 to donate!

I helped out with the little kids.
Basically I was the PE teacher for the 4 and under group
It really only involved making sure the kids stayed in the play area and playing with them.
But it completely wore me out!

Everyday last week, we all came home and took naps.
We are exhausted!

The kids are upset that it's over with
they really had a great time.
I love helping out - but I also love when it's over!

This week, things aren't going to be too much easier...
at first anyways.

We're going on vacation at the end of this week.
No idea why I planned this vacation so early.

I also have an interview for a part time job (wish me luck!) and the kids have swimming lessons on Wednesday. Plus packing food, supplies and clothes for our trip.

We'll be camping for a week in

Okay, so not so tropical.
But we love it there.

My family went just about every year when I was a kid.
We went as a family 5 years ago and really wanted to go back this year.

They have a ton of water sports, an amusement park, beaches and great hotels.
I love this picture's my parents (pink and yellow shirts in the second row and Chris in the row behind them on the roller coaster.) My dad hated roller coasters, but he would actually go on this one.

Mostly, I like relaxing there.
Laying on the beach.
Hanging out.

I cannot wait!

So, this week will be busy with packing and making sure the dog gets boarded and all that stuff. 
And, we're camping - so they'll be extra planning of food and supplies.
(I'll have some great camping tutorials when I get back...just for you!)

I have plenty of posts planned for when I'm gone, so make sure and stop back by this week!

Thanks for stopping by today...
time for me to get this week started!

Have a great week!

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