Thursday, June 6, 2013

You Fix-It......Re-String Your Lawnmower

I had no idea that I had super human strength.
But apparently I do.

I went to start the mower this morning and yanked the string right out.
I about fell on my butt too.
I had to take a quick look around to make sure none of the neighbors were outside.
Laughing and pointing would have happened for sure.

I texted the hubby at work and told him what happen.
Thinking for sure that we'd have to go get a new mower.
"No." he said.
"I can just re-string it."

Me: "You know how to do stuff like that?"
Chris" Uh....I think so."
Me: "Should I call Joey and ask him?" (Joey is our very handy neighbor.)
Chris" "No! I can do that."
Me: "Okay....!"

Love my hubby dearly...but I don't think of him as being the most handy guy.
I obviously don't give him the credit he deserves.
(yes....that's what I said....are you reading this dear???)
Because to my surprise......he fixed the mower!

And I took pictures to make a little tutorial out of it.
In case this happens to you!


First, unscrew the top of the mower. Ours had three screws holding the top down.

Not sure of the technical name for any of this. But, next your going to un-screw the spinny-looking thing. There were two screws on either side of it. 

You SHOULD disconnect the spark plug when taking your mower apart, just to make sure it doesn't accidentally start. 

This is Chris pointing where the new string will go. 

Here's the hole inside the spinny-thing where your string will come out of. You'll have to spin the inside of it, to make the holes line up. 

Here's the new string set we bought, it was about $4. 

Measuring the new string is easy. Just hold it up against the old string, make sure and give yourself plenty of room for your knots. 

Another picture of Chris measuring the string. 

He first tried to put the string in from the outside, but quickly discovered that it's much easier to put it in from the inside of the spinny-thing. 

Pull the string through both holes. 

Make a big fat knot. Double knots work best. 

Then you need to seal the knot with a lighter. Get the string good and melted together to make sure it's secure. 

Then start spinning the inside reel to pull the string in. 

Once the string is back in completely, you can start putting everything back together. 

Tie your string to where your pull will go while putting everything back together. 

Make sure every screw you took out, goes back in!

The top of the handle came off and we thread the string threw. 

Put the string threw the hole in the top of the handle. 

Thread it threw and give yourself room to make another knot. 

Double knot it and seal it with the lighter again. 

Snap everything back together. 

Screw the top of your mower back in. Again...making sure all the screws you took out...go back in.

Now start is up! I was so happy when ours started again!
That saves us about $200 
(the cost of a new mower)
Yeah Chris!!

Lesson learned here:
MY hubby can be handy! Who knew?!?!

Thanks for stopping by!
Have a great week! 

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  1. Thanks for the great tut! My mower's string is looking quite ready to break.