Thursday, July 4, 2013

Review: Cenla RV Park in Okoboji, IA

We recently vacationed in Okoboji, IA
I thought I'd show you around the campground we stayed at.

This is a nice BIG campground! We were shocked to see all the campsites up here. 
Most of the sites near the back are for RVer's who reserve their spot year-round.

We liked that our spot (just the the right of the picture above) was covered in trees. Pretty much no sites near the front have shade...we were lucky enough that ours did. 

We talked to one guy who said, he hadn't moved his camper in four was basically a vacation home for him. There are a lot of pretty fancy RVs up there...most all of the permanent sites have their own decks and sheds...they even bring lawn mowers with them!

The office pictured above. The staff is quiet but friendly. They do have rules that they enforce (you get them in the mail when you reserve and they go over them with you again when you check it) but the rules are pretty easy to follow. No driving over 5 mph in the campground, no kids out after dark - mostly basic stuff. 

The office doesn't have much in it - but is super clean with a small store of supplies and washers and dryers for you to use while you're camping. They also have a very small arcade for the kids. 

The playground is where it's at for the kids. It's right in the middle of the park and was a gathering spot for all the kids. 

Loved the bathrooms here at Cenla! They were so clean!!
The beauty of us having a smaller camper compared to the much larger RV's that were all around up there is that most of the large RVs have showers in them - so we had the bathrooms pretty much to ourselves in the morning. Bonus....the shower water is warm, almost hot. 

The pool looks big - but it wasn't filled when we were the middle of June. We weren't told why.
Very disappointing.

They are located right next to a very small lake and have a fishing dock - Personally I would never eat anything that came out of that water. Best just to look around but do your fishing elsewhere! 
But very pretty to look at!

Overall, this is one of the best campgrounds we have ever stayed at. 
We both loved how quiet it was up there at night. 
No solid complaints at all. 

You can visit Cenla's website here:

Thanks for stopping by today! 

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