Friday, August 16, 2013

Book Review: I Call Shotgun by Tommy Newberry

(I was given a free copy of "I Call Shotgun " is exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% my own. I was not compensated for this post.)
I love this book.
It's a must-read for all fathers and sons.
This is book from the guys who have "been there", full of letters of advice to their sons about what they would have done differently, advice on how to live a Godly life and how to become a real man.
My husband, for the past year, has pretty much only has his nose in textbooks (he's going back to school) but he was able to sit and read this book and said that he really appreciated reading it and it really told him even more of what kind of father he wants to be and what type of qualities he wants his sons to mirror.
It also reminds us to push our sons to follow their dreams, be men of honor and integrity and above all else to love God. We plan on passing this book onto a good friend of ours who just became a first-time dad. We think the advice in this book is wonderful.
Here's a little more from the publisher:

For fathers who long to make a positive, lasting difference in their sons’ lives, passing down a legacy of values and ideals that will help them mature into men—into true men, leaders, voices of strength and wisdom for the next generation and beyond—the challenge has become more daunting than ever. I Call Shotgun is a practical playbook designed to equip dads for this vital task, increasing our influence and deepening our father-son relationships.

Written as letters from the authors to their own sons, the book’s sixty-three bite-size chapters cover a wide range of territory, from courage and compassion to finance and faith, from peer pressure and purity to hard work and humility. The life lessons within these pages teach sons how to cultivate integrity, follow True North, avoid victimitis, hang with the wise, laugh at political correctness, train for adversity, seek God first, make no excuses, build productive habits, and much more.

Shooting from the heart, Tommy Newberry and Curt Beavers—men of faith, influencers, entrepreneurs, and battle-tested dads themselves—offer an engaging, highly personal collection of potent insights, a just-in-time antidote to the empty counterfeits that today’s culture tries to pass off as wisdom. At the end of each chapter, simple yet carefully crafted questions invite deeper conversations between dads and sons.

Relevant to any man, but especially tailored for fathers and their teen or pre-teen sons, I Call Shotgun will help you to instill character in the boys who are growing into men right before your eyes—and it might just sharpen your own character in the process.
I would give this book a solid 4.5 out of 5 stars!!!
One of the best dad books out there!
You can purchase this book on Amazon !
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