Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Cleaning Your Glass-top Stove - Chemical Free!

I love my glass-top stove. 
For the most part, it is extremely easy to keep clean.

For daily clean-ups, I use a mixture of vinegar and water.
But, last night I had a pan of cheesy goodness that boiled over.
And burned itself onto the stove.

They sell alot of cleaners just for glass-top stoves.
I have never found on that really works.
The best cleaner are 'brillo' pads along with vinegar and water. 

Make sure and spray the top of stove generously with your water and vinegar mixture.
Let sit for a minute or two. 

Take your brillo pad and start scrubbing the areas that need it. 
When I clean one spot on the stove - I clean all of the burners.
Make sure and test in a small spot first, to make sure it doesn't scratch your surface.

Wipe down everything really good with a dry paper towel and then spray some more of you vinegar and water mixture on it to shine it up and wipe again with a paper towel.

Look at that - a clean stove top!

BTW - My vinegar and water mixture is about 30% vinegar and the rest water, I also like to drop a little orange or lemon scented oil in there too. 

This was a short post today! Thanks so much for stopping by!

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