Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Teaching Kids About the World Around Them - The Post Card Game

I had been looking for a fun way to teach my kids about the United States.
Looking at books or watching videos is fun.
I've found that, with my boys, they are hands-on learners.
So I needed to figure out something to spark their interest!

I started emailing every I knew.
Asking them to send my kids a postcard from their state and to write a little info about the state on the back.
I also asked them to forward my email onto anyone they knew that might help out too.

In return, I told each person that if we received a card from them
That the boys would send them a postcard from Nebraska.

That was great too, because we went to the library and found out a lot of interesting information about Nebraska that we never knew about.

The response was over-whelming!
The boys received over 90 postcards!!!

They were from all over the country!
It was amazing!

We also found out that a distant cousin of my husbands was a truck driver.
Him and his wife really got into it - and send Ashton and Colton postcards from every state they traveled to for months!

Everyone wrote interesting information about their states,
some included their favorite spots to visit.
And the boys LOVED getting all that mail! 
Everyday they got a postcard was like Christmas to them. 

I saved all the postcards in a photo album for them and we marked on a map of the US where they received postcards from - they learned so much! 

Side Note: Be patient with this. The cards won't start coming right away. Our first card came in almost a month after I sent out the email. It took about 6 months for them to get all 92 cards. 

Thanks so much for stopping by today!
Do you have hands-on learners?
I'd love some new ideas! Please share!


  1. Such a great idea!
    I found you from homemaker on a dime linky party!

  2. this is awesome. and I love that you encouraged them to send postcards, like actually writing, and actual snail mail. I still love getting mail, but never bills, lol.

    1. I love getting mail too! Probably why I subscribe to so many magazines, because I love getting things in the mail!

      Thanks for stopping by!