Monday, January 26, 2015

30 Days of Teaching Boys to Be Kind

Boys are rough and tumble.
Boys are dirty and sometimes smelly.
They're loud and sweet and sticky.

I watch my boys play and see them wrestle with each other and love on each other...and sometimes hate on each other. I know that all of this is pretty normal. But when I really started paying attention to how they are treating each other when they are "hating" each other, I quickly realized that it was not normal.

Wrestling sometimes turns too rough. Hands hit, words get sharp. These sharp words, each time they get mad or frustrated with each other were really starting to bother me. I hate having to constantly remind them of using "nice words".  To be kind to each other.

I thought that maybe my boys....or just boys in general....might have a hard time knowing how to be kind to each other. Do they know how to say kind words to each other without hitting? Is there a way for my son to say "I love you" without wrestling his brother to the ground?

While boys will always be rough and tumble...and they should be. We as parents can also teach them to be kind loving boys - which will translate to manhood. To teach them to be caring men, fathers, and husbands.
I decided to challenge my boys to 30 days of kindness. Each day doing something for each other, us as their parents or to a complete show kindness. And to not expect anything in return.


How would this change them? How would this change the relationship between brothers? Of course there will always be disagreements and times when you don't like each other...but would "learning to be kind" change how they act during those times?        

For this challenge, I printed out 30 cards for them. I wrote things they could do to show kindness and love for each other...
- Help your brother pick up his room during chores
- Ask your brother how his day was.
- Tell your brother how proud you are of him
We'll also be spending each night of the next 30 days reading through our bibles, searching for verses about being kind and loving those around us. Here is the first list that we'll be working with: Knowing Jesus

Below you'll find a free printable of the set of cards. Sit down with your kids (of course, this is perfect for both boys and girls) and have them come up with a few things that they can do for each other to show love and kindness.  Make sure and come back next week for an update and the next set of cards.



  1. This was a very informative post! thank you!

  2. I like your idea! I'm sure it would help mothers who have not only sons but daughters too.