Thursday, January 19, 2012

Oatmeal Container Crafts

Yesterday, I'm kind of milling around - getting the kitchen cabinets reorganized and realized that we have a empty oatmeal container sitting in there. (That annoys me to no end!!) So I'm starting to throw it in the recycle bin when I start to wonder what I could do/make from it. I looked around online for awhile to try to get ideas of what to do with it and really couldn't find too much that I was really crazy about, which was strange. I did find these cool projects:

I love this idea from Curbly! I have a massive amount of ribbon that I would love to organize better.

I also like this idea from Martha Stewart - to change it into a holder or gift bag of sorts. But, I really don't have anything presents I need to give at the moment.

I also thought of using for the boys to use as a time capsule - or in place of a shoebox to store memories, they could decorate the box and put ticket stubs in it, whatever they wanted to. To use it as a Valentines Day box for school would be cool too. You could easily turn it into a robot.

Do you have any projects that you've done with old oatmeal containers? Share them in the comments!

I'll post soon what we decided to do with our old oatmeal container!

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