Friday, January 20, 2012

Making Birthdays Special

In our house - both kids birthdays are literally back to back. And, right after Christmas. So it's become a struggle over the years to make their birthdays feel slightly seperate and special. In all honesty, after all the hustle and bussle of Christmas....I'm tired! I don't feel like doing any more planning, cooking, baking, decorating. I just wanna rest.

So, Colton's birthday was Janurary 8th and Ashton's was Janurary 10th. We first thought about having a party for Ashton. One with all of his classmates - at a local bowling alley or movie theater...which he thought was really cool. But, then he saw an advertisment on TV for.....

It was all over after that. Ashton wanted to go to Monster's like he needed to go. We told him that if we went to Monster Jam that would be it - no party with friends. He agreed to that and I bought the tickets. More about Monster Jam later....

So, making their birthdays special.

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