Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Must-Have Beauty Items

I wanted to take a minute to share with your the beauty products that have completely changed my skin. Even thought I'm in my (early) thirties, I still have acne. I've had it since I was a pre-teen. It's never been too horribly bad, but it's always been there.

As a teenager and into my early twenties, I would wear so much makeup to try and cover it up. I went to Dr's and got medications and creams - and they would work for a while and then quit and I'd be back to where I started. It wasn't until about two years ago that I started doing some research to find out why my skin was still so acne prone.

What I found it that it could be all sorts of things - foods that I'm allergic to, chemicals in the products that I use, genetic factors, air pollutants and more. Basically, I found out that I couldn't control all the reasons why my skin looked the way it did. So I decided to seek out products that would use less chemicals, makeups that were good for my skin and watch what types of foods I ate and drank.

I tried other products and weren't impressed. These all have made the final cut. These are the best products that I've seen that fit my budget and make my skin look amazing. My skin is now smooth and soft, and the acne has went away. I wear less make up now and am (for the first time) comfortable leaving the house without make up on!!!

Here's what I've been using:

I found out through my research that even oily, acne prone skin needs a good moisturizer. I use this about 3 times a week on my neck and chest area and about twice a week on my face or more if I'm noticing dry patches. 

My skin is weird in that if I use Proactiv everyday, it gets really dry and patchy, so I only use this about 3 times a week. I've also found that I can only use the toner about once a week. But, this is what works for me. I love the cleanser because it has those scrubbing beads in it that keep the dry skin from building up. 

I bought this because a friend of mine talked about it so much that I just had to try it. This facial peel is the most amazing stuff ever. It smells fantastic and is so gentle on my skin. I use this about every other week as it works even better to get rid of dry skin. 

I really loves masks. I think it's a great excuse to hang out in the bathtub for a long time. This Moroccan Red Clay Powder pulls out the dirt and grime from my pores and leaves my skin feeling amazing. A little of this goes a long way! You mix it with water at home, at about $6 for an container, this is a great deal. 

I love this lotion. It's non-greasy, has enough SPF for me and doesn't clog pores. And, at only $4 a bottle it's way cheaper then alot of face lotions out there. I love EVERYTHING Trader Joe's!

For years, I would never even bother using eye makeup remover. Whenever I would wash my face, I would just scrub under my eyes with which ever bar soap I was using. Dumb, I know. It suggests using a cotton ball, but you can simply put a small amount of this liquid on your ring finger - swipe it around your eye and it's all gone. I love this stuff. 

This is a product that I had for awhile (it came with shipment that I got as a free trial item.) When it said "skin  lightening" I automatically thought it would bleach my skin. But I looked into it some more about found that this cream is suppose to lighten old acne scars. I, unfortunately, had a number of these. So I gave this stuff a try. It took about a month to really notice a difference but such a small amount is needed for your face that this small bottle has lasted me a long time. When I first started using it, I put it on every day. Now that my face is clear, I use it only about once or twice a week for maintenance. 

We've come to the TOP DOG of facial products in my book....right here. If you have acne prone skin or just oily skin Nelsons is the way to go. This stuff drys out my skin without drying it out.....does that make sense? My skin is not oily...ever. I use to have to reapply makeup a few times a day because it would literally slide off my skin, but after using this amazing gel - my whole life has changed! (ha ha) But, seriously this is the creme da la creme! 

What skin care products have changed your life? 

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  1. I love your post. I had acne most of my life until my Sjogren's Syndrome kicked into high gear. Now I rarely get acne, but my skin is extremely dry.

    My son however, seems to have inherited my acne issues and I will be purchasing some of these products for him soon.

    As for wonderful products, I would have to go with Tree Hut's body butter. One Christmas about 6 yrs ago, I received a package of the Ginger scented body wash and body butter.

    This is also around the time my skin became extremely dry. I found that the body wash and butter was very moisturizing with no oily feel. I even began using the butter on my face.

    Yep, I said my face.

    I looked up Tree Hut and found out that whatever scent is on the bottle is the type of oil or essence that is included in the base body butter to moisturize.

    Of course eventually they quit making the Ginger. I bought what I could online, but it only lasted another year. I tried some of the other scents and Brazil Nut worked, but not as well. I'm still using that one, but now it is getting harder to find.

    I think I may have to start looking for something else that works. I hate looking for replacement products. It seems that I spend a lot of time and money on things that don't work before I find the one that does.

    1. If you are wanting to get a great product for your son, try the Nelsons - they have a whole line of cleansers, moisturizers, ect. Even if you just got him a good bar of soap and the Nelsons Pure and Clear Acne Gel, he'd probably notice a HUGE difference in about a month.

      Thanks for stopping by!