Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What Are You Giving Your Valentine?

Can you believe that Valentines Day is on Tuesday? I have so much that needs to be done before then. It's going to be craziness for the next few days until I get everything done.

Yesterday I went to the "planning committee" for my oldest son's school Valentines Day party.

Yes. They have a committee for planning parties. And, I'm on it. 

Basically, it's just a bunch of moms that get together one night, have some food together and swap ideas. It's actually kind of fun.

Here's my to-do this for this week:
  • Get Ashton to decide what "theme" he wants for his Valentines Day mailbox for school
  • Get Ashton to be interested enough in his "theme" to make him sit down and decorate his box for more then 5 minutes
  • Have Ashton fill out all of his Valentines for his classmates
  • Paint his heart necklaces that he made and attach ribbon to each of them
  • Plan a meal for Valentines Day, I'm going with a "red" theme. I just have to figure out what all I'm going to serve
  • Buy Chris' Valentines Day gift. We've decided to wait and celebrate when the kids spend an extended weekend at my parents house (late February) but we're going to exchange very small gifts on Monday
  • Help Ashton and Colton make a Valentines Day card for Chris and their Grandparents (and get them in the mail in plenty of time)
  • Write out my own Valentines Day card for my family and get them stuck in the mail (must do this by Friday)
  • Finish buying the kids Valentines Day gifts and get them wrapped and ready to go
  • Think of a cute breakfast for the boys on Monday
Phew! That's a lot to do in a couple of days! 

If you're running a bit behind like I am or are looking for a really cute gift for your hubby or kids, check out the Valentine's Day Cards by Tiny Prints. . They have a beautiful selection of Valentines Day cards for everyone on your list and they will send the cards right to them. It saves a ton of time!

 Here are some that I like for Chris:

Ha ha...love this one. On some days, this is all he talks about!

If I gave this one to Chris, he would know that I really do love him alot.
(Because he knows I can't resist a cupcake!)

I'm in love with this card. So simple and sweet. 

We always like to send cards to our kids too, it's such a huge deal for them to get mail. I love the selection of kids cards from Tiny Prints too....

Since Ashton loves his video games, this would be a perfect card for him. 

And, I love this sweet card for my baby Colton. 

Ahh...now I feel all weepy and sweet just thinking about Valentines Day. I get the best handmade cards and kisses from the boys. I love Valentines Day. =)

What are you doing for Valentines Day?
What's the best gift that you'll get? 

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