Sunday, July 14, 2013

Our Dog is a Weight Lifter

Chris and I took the kids to go see Monsters University yesterday. 
While we were gone, we put our 8 month old German Shepherd puppy, Karlie, in her kennel.
It was hot outside. Too hot for her to be outside. 
So, we thought we were doing her a real favor. 

After the movie, we stopped over at Petsmart to pick her up some new treats and a Kong squeaky toy.
We made a whole shopping list of things to buy dog bed, more toys, treats and more.


We pulled in the driveway and saw Karlie sitting in the front window.
What happen? 
She had squeezed herself out of her metal kennel.

Then she went on a rampage.
And pulled out and chewed everything in sight.

Shoes were all over the place.
My snow globes were on two different levels on the house.
Yes...snow globes.

She pulled out pretty much all of Colton's stuffed animals on his bed.
Fabric that I had on shelves in my office.
The bathroom trash.
Our Toothbrushes.
(She mangled them.)

We also found spoons that were left in the sink all over the house.
And the oddest thing we found...

Hand Weights.

We keep all of our hand weights in a back closet down stairs.
She carried out about seven of them and drug them all over.

The heaviest one weighted 8 pounds.
I'm not sure what she was thinking on that one. 

We were happy that nothing of real importance was chewed.
All shoes and stuffed animals were still in tact.

And we had to laugh about it all.
All we could think about what that scene from Turner and Hooch when Tom Hanks character walks in after leaving the dog alone for several hours to an apartment that was completely destroyed.

We had to laugh and Thank God that we didn't come home to that. 

This dog.
I swear it's trying to drive us crazy.
I'm hoping she grows out of the puppy stage soon!

What's the worst thing your dog/puppy has done?

I still remember the dog I had as a kid, coming home to find out that our dog has chewed the hose that connected the air conditioner to the house. Or the time she uprooted and chewed to pieces, the brand new tree my dad had planted in the back yard. I don't think my dad thought either of those times were all that funny. 

Had to share this story today! Thanks so much for stopping by!

BTW - I zip-tied the crap out of her kennel. Hopefully that keeps her in it!

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  1. Oh my goodness, walking in would have been one of those laugh/cry moments that we all experience with puppies! I remember when the oldest of our two dogs pulled all of the pillows off our beds into the living room one day while we were out. She shredded them all. There was feathers and foam everywhere. It looked like a snow storm. Of course she greeted us with a 'smile' when we walked in. Obviously she'd had the time of her life!

    1. We wished that we could have had a camera set up to watch her do this. Same as your dog - she was happy as pie when we got home!


  2. lol I love this. Sorry.
    I have a lab pit cross named "Little" and I remember the day I came home to shredded books all over my place. I had filled a box with paperbacks to go to the used book store and instead of putting them in the car right away I left the box on the floor.
    I had the proudest 6 month old puppy and little bits of paper everywhere. Needless to say the paperbacks went into recycling instead of going somewhere they might be used again...
    I picked up some bitter apple spray after that and have never had a problem since. Just where a mask when spraying it as it tastes horrible and I always breath it in without (the taste will stay in your mouth for hours). It's non toxic so it wont harm anyone...