Sunday, July 14, 2013

Week Two: Monday Weight In

Last week I started my journey to lose some weight.
I think I've done pretty good this week!

I've been eating better...
drinking alot more water.

I checked out Bob Harper's The Skinny Rules from the library and have been reading it - great ideas for loosing weight!

I've been on the treadmill four days this week....

The other days, I've been walking the dog....

And I've been working the push-up app - here is day three - 

(Sorry - forgot to shave! Had to cover it up!)

Now is time for the big weigh in....

Last Monday, I was 176 lbs
Today, I'm 175.

Hmmm....that sucks.

I'm not really sure how much I should be losing each week. I watch shows like "The Biggest Loser" and "Extreme Weight Loss" and those people are easily losing up to 10 pounds a week. I get that I'm not 400 pounds - but it seems like it should be more then a pound in one week.

I have been watching what I eat this week, but there have been a few late nights where the cravings were too much and I gave in. I bought some Chocolate Cheerios to help those chocolate cravings, and that helped. 

This next week, I need to focus more on
1. Drinking MORE water. 
2. Eating (a good) breakfast every morning.
3. I could stand to bump up my exercise some, but I think my biggest problem is food. Making sure I'm not doing any late-night snacking.
4. Weight training...check out the program from Dfit that I'm doing. 

(Last week I had a great comment from Bethany about brushing my teeth after dinner! Great tip!)
I appreciated ALL of the comments last week!!! Thank You so much! 

Thanks for checking in with me this week!

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  1. I'm using to track my calories. It really helps me make sure I'm staying within my allotted calorie count. That really helps me. It's not a fast process - Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition is just that - extreme. They make that their full-time job for 1 year. Losing 1 - 2 pounds a week is great! You are more like to keep it off if you lose it slower.

    1. I'm going to have to try one of those apps on my phone - great idea! Thanks so much for your comment~


  2. I really second the MyFitnessPal app (I use it on my iphone). When want to lose weight, I log back in and start tracking my calories. It has a huge database and there's very rarely a time when I can't find what food I'm looking for. Aside from it reminding me that I have a calorie goal (limit) for the day - it also is really helpful in making me understand my portions (as in do I really need that whole steak or can I make do with half and save my calories so that I can enjoy my mashed potatoes guilt free?)

    1. Deanna

      Portion control is a big one for me - thanks for your comment!

  3. Lose it app can help you track calories and has a great database. Also they have an awesome barcode scanner that helps when it's not in the database. It's not as good at tracking exercise but has great visual tracking.

    Melissa @Red, White & Blueberries

    1. I downloaded Lose It and love their barcode scanner! Thanks so much for stopping by!


  4. 1-3 lbs is the safe, reasonable expectation of how much to lose each week. With the weight loss shows you have to remember - 1) those people are quite sizable and the early weight is water. Doesn't really count. 2) They're on the BL ranch or in a situation where the ONLY thing they have to do is workout and not eat too much. 3) That crap is carefully controlled for them to make's nothing like real life.

    Keep track of portions, drink water like it's your job, avoid highly processed foods with chemicals dujour. You'll get there!!

    1. Drinking enough water is something that's always a problem for me - I need an app for it! Thanks so much for your comments!!