Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Karlie and The Poop Picker-Upper Guy

I swear.
This dog, Karlie.
I love this dog.

So...years ago, Chris and I had two dogs.
Dogs do their business in the yard.
In my book, picking up said business in the yard is a man's job.
Along with taking out the trash and scooping cat litter.

We had two dogs and a fairly small yard.
It's Chris' job to pick up the business.
But he would only do it maybe once a month. 
More often if we had company coming over.

It was gross.
I would hardly let the kids play in the backyard
because I don't want them to step in it!
This was always a source of tension for Chris and I.

Fast forward to now.
We have one dog.
But she's a big girl.
About a 70 pound German Shepherd.

Her business is huge.

We feed her good food, so it only happens about once a day.
Times seven...that's seven landmines in my yard each week.

Huge ones.

And she steps in it
I don't think she eats it...but can't say for sure.
I know the last time she was at the vets being boarded, they had to give her a bath...twice...because she liked to roll around in it.

Sorry - back to my story. 

Chris and I start "discussing" who should pick it up.
I think it's a "man job" and that he should.
He thinks I should because I'm the one that wanted the dog
Or he thinks Ashton should 
But Ashton really sucks at picking it up and it turns into a bigger disaster.

Wonder if Ashton does that on purpose so he doesn't have to pick up dog poop?

Anyways, so we're are "talking about it" in the yard last week
and I was just disgusted.
With Chris, with the dog, with everything.

Side note...Chris and I never hire out for anything.
We mow our own grass, clean our own house, paint walls if needed.
We laid our own flooring.
It's very rare that we hire out for things. 

We're going back and forth about who gets to be the lucky one that picks up the dog poop.
And it's not going good.
I, of course, had to throw in that I should not be the one that has to clean it up because I do everything around here.
I take the dog for walks
I fix dinner and lunch and breakfast for everyone. Everyday.
I clean.
I had your children!
(I always have to throw that in.)

It was going no where. 
Then it hits me...
could we hire someone to pick up the dog business?

Yes you can!

For just a mere $7.00 a week a guy will come out and pick up all the dog poop and take it home with him.
Sounds good to me!

Chris didn't even have to give it a second thought.

The poop picker-upper guy came for the first time today.
He was in and out of here in about 15 minutes
and the yard looks fabulous.
Totally worth the $7.

And, I'm just going to chuck it up that I won that argument
because I came up with the solution.

Thanks for stopping by today. You can read more about my dog Karlie and how she thinks she's a weight lifter.


  1. One of the many reasons we don't have a dog, I do not want to pick up any poop!! I am glad you found a great solution!

    1. It's the best $7 we spend every week!

      Thanks for coming by!