Friday, January 30, 2015

6 Fun Valentines Day Crafts For Boys

Valentines Day is right around the corner! And if you have a house full of boys like I do, you know that making them sit down long enough to finish a fun craft can sometimes be difficult!!
I've compiled a list that I know my boys will love and I'm hoping yours will too!
Enjoy and Happy Valentines Day!!


Kool-Aid Printable Tag - Printables make such an easy craft for boys. Cutting out the takes is great hand-eye coordination practice as well as trying the ribbons. That makes this craft perfect for boys of all ages. And, it takes just enough time that they shouldn't be the least bit bored before it's over with!

Yoda Best Valentine - Again with the printables! And my boys are crazy about Star Wars...and glow this is perfect for them! Another great way for boys to practice their cutting skills along with writing.'s super adorable!!

Layered M&Ms in a Jar - Such a simple idea, layering colors of M&Ms in a jar!  Have your boys separate out all of the M&Ms by color and then carefully layer them in the jar. You can add that as a bonus, they'll be able to eat some of them too! I think eating M&Ms is something every boy would help out with!!

I'm Crazy in Love With You - I'm crazy in love with these drawings!! This is a great messy activity for boys!! Just make sure and cover your table first to save yourself from too much clean-up afterwards!

Soap Bubble Art - This is a Valentines Day art project that is perfect for any boy! They get to create something fun and pretty as a Valentines Day gift for someone special and they get to make a mess doing it!
Conversation Heart Picture Frame - This goes along with the M&Ms mason jar craft, they boys will have a fun time painting the frames and gluing the candies down -- and I'm sure they'll sneak a few too!

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