Monday, February 2, 2015

30 Days of Teaching Boys to Be Kind - Part 2

This has been a good week. I literally have not heard my boys fight once.

Not once. I can barely believe it myself.

This week, we've been on track with them of picking out their cards and doing nice things for each other, us as their parents and for strangers. It's funny how quickly you can change when your focus is not 100% on yourself. When you try to make others happy, you become happier too.

I've also had my oldest son, Ashton, each morning looking up bible verses. He's taking the time while eating breakfast to locate the verses and he's writing them word-for-word. And then we talk for a few minutes about what it means and how he can translate it to his day.

I had another thought this morning about being kind - that it is most certainly taught by the way my husband and I treat each other. Of course, as a married couple - we don't always use the nicest words towards each other. But we should. He's my partner, my best friend - why do we sometimes feel as though we can speak negative words over our spouse? Say things to them that we would never say to some random person walking on the street.

The challenge of this week is to continue having the boys do their "Kind Cards" as they have been known as this week, continue with our daily bible verses and in addition to all of husband and I need to make sure that we are only using kind words towards each other...and to our children.

If you're a parent - you know how hard it can all be. Things get stressed - you have 50 million things to do tonight, and  you still have no idea what you're fixing for supper....and everyone is complaining that their hungry (at least that's what my nights are like sometimes!!)

What is it......if you don't have anything nice today, don't say anything at all?

That will our motto this week.

By the way - here's the second week of "Kind Cards", fill in the blank ones to suit your family!


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