Thursday, February 19, 2015

How to Start a Bible Study

My husband and I have been part a great bible study group for years now. We really enjoy growing in our faith with what have become our very best friends. I consider all of them family.
The thing that held me back initially from joining a bible study group was my lack of knowledge. I didn't know the bible at all. I couldn't recite verses off the top of my head (and still really can't!) I was scared that others would look down on me and that I would feel completely lost in a sea of biblical scholars. Ha! What I quickly discovered is that we are all learning - all the time! And we learn from each other!
I have learned so much from every person in my bible study group. We are all in the same life stages (married with young kids) and are all works in progress!

If you're a part of a church that has Community or Life groups - I strongly suggest that you look into joining one. If you're church doesn't have bible study groups to join, you might want to look into starting one!
I've found some great articles that I hope will encourage you to look into a group or start one yourself!
Enjoy - have a beautiful day!
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